…about my photos I usually hear that they are ‘alive’, ‘sincere’, ‘real’. Worthy wedding reportage – that’s what I can offer a bride&groom couple. The photos can be very different: joyful, loving, pompous or dramatic, but they will certainly reflect a true story of a wedding day. That is the main idea! If you like my photos let me tell you in a few words about how I work.

I have worked as a journalist for some time, that’s why I prefer the reporter’s approach to the wedding photography. I believe that the newly married should stay at the wedding pictures such they really were. It is better not to focus
on taking photos but spend your wedding day just like you have been dreaming. I suggest inviting your friends and going out together, having fun and enjoying yourselves. Meanwhile I’ll be keeping an eye out for great moments and emotions. Off course, I will advise beautiful places for walking; sometimes I can ask to move to other places with more comfortable light… I enjoy realizing adventurous ideas for taking photos, but in general I will minimize my intervention. I won’t interrupt you! During such wedding session the couple is not bored. Moreover it helps to keep up a good mood and to take pleasure in taking pictures. Your improvisation will reflect your unique mood better than any photographer’s directions.
I feel that making a success of the wedding reportage equally depends on the photographer and the couple. So it is better to meet before and discuss details. We can inspirit traditional wedding scenario with tricks and surprises! I already have a couple of curious suggestions and I’ll share them with you straight in a meeting. We can try together to make your wedding day and accordingly your wedding album full of attractions and surprises.
In addition to the reportage-style wedding there are also two special offers: Love Story (before wedding session) and Post Wedding (after wedding session). These extra photo sessions will give a breath of fresh air to your wedding pictures. We can wait for a good weather and get out of the city – into the mountains or even to the sea. We can take photos without any time limitations. This will let you doing unbelievable things not always possible during the wedding day. You can show your pre-wedding Love Story pictures to your guests directly on the wedding day. And Post Wedding session is a good chance to get on wedding dress once more and to go in some romantic or exotic places.
After wedding I supply you with all good slightly corrected digital images. Also I select the best hundred that will be also placed in the album for digital photo processing. And if you want – I make a photobook.

As wedding reporter I work in my country Ukraine and Europe and USA. But I will extend geography of my wedding photography with pleasure.

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